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"Amigo" Bob Cantisano

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Organic Viticultural Consultant

“Working with the gentle yet precise advise of our advisor, Amigo Bob Cantisano and I walk the vineyards every month, and devise the solutions to problems that nature can best address. Sometimes our allies are critters, sometimes a plant, sometimes a matter of timing our activities to a stronger part of a natural cycle, and therefore yielding an advantage over the situation. Whatever the challenge, I can count on Amigo Bob as a leader and a friend. He is simply one of the most important thinkers of our time in ways of gentler, low footprint farming, ways that we simply must adopt with seriousness and speed regardless of the crop or stock.”

– Michael Chiarello

Bob Cantisano, long ago nicknamed “Amigo”, is in high demand as one of California’s foremost experts on California organic agriculture. A ninth-generation Californian, Amigo Bob has been involved in organic farming since the late 1960’s. Not only did he help found California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF), he assisted in the development of numerous other farming associations, including the Ecological Farming Conference, Peaceful Valley Farm Supply, Aeolia Organics, Organic Ag Advisors and the Felix Gillet Institute.